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Do your clients need to offset impacts
in the USACE Fort Worth District?

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recently released an additional 135.2 of wetland restoration functional credit units (FCUs) for Keystone Mitigation Bank in Rains County, Texas.

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Aransas Lago: New Emergent Wetland Bank Along the Texas Coast

Aransas Lago is a wetland mitigation site located in San Patricio County, adjacent to Aransas Bay. The site provides offsets for impacts to local habitat such as estuarine, freshwater marsh and emergent wetlands.

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Aransas Lago_EBAL-0616

MSUSA to Attend the 2016 SWS Conference

HOUSTON – May 26, 2016: MSUSA, an innovator in solving offset challenges along the Texas coast, today announced that Troy Madrigal, Vice President and Jody Bickel, Business Development Manager, will attend the 2016 Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS) Conference in Corpus Christi, Texas, May 31-June 4, 2016 at the American Bank Center.

The firms’ active coastal projects in Port Arthur, South Padre Island, Freeport and Aransas Pass provide solutions to more than a dozen Texas counties. The company is also expected to announce new projects along the coast this summer.

“MSUSA’s ability to provide custom mitigation solutions to offset impacts to emergent wetlands, high-marsh, coastal prairie and species is a key differentiator and helps the firm maintain its competitive advantage, said Madrigal.”

The theme for the conference is “Protecting wetland ecosystem services. Promoting stronger economies.” During the event, Madrigal and Bickel will be available to meet with attendees to discuss how MSUSA advances these collective goals—with specific focus on coastal offset solutions.

Mitigation Solutions USA (MSUSA) was founded in 2007, as an affiliate of Advanced Ecology Ltd. (AEL). MSUSA is a leader in marketing and selling environmental credits—and has a history of successfully representing 20 mitigation banks across the United States. MSUSA has expertise navigating through the complexities of the mitigation industry and the challenges of brokering environmental credits to many markets. AEL was established in 1994 as an environmental firm of scientists who work on proprietary projects.

About SWS
Since 1980, the SWS has maintained a thorough focus on its primary mission-to promote understanding, scientifically-based management and sustainable use of wetlands. SWS is committed to providing meaningful resources that promote wetland education, conservation and restoration on a global level.

MSUSA’s Expert Consultants

pix.whiteWayne White, W-Squared Consulting
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Wayne White joined the Mitigation Solutions USA/Advanced Ecology Ltd. team during the summer of 2015 to advance our species mitigation market development. As an affiliated company, W-Squared Consulting specializes in working closely with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) Headquarters to develop policy for threatened and endangered species and Regional and Field Offices to determine offset approaches where there has not been previously identified mitigation solutions for projects or programs they are reviewing. Wayne may also advance mitigation collaboration and coordination among State Resources Agencies based on the needs of specific projects.

During his 31 year career with the FWS, Wayne led the largest field office in the nation for 17 years. The Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office implements the Endangered Species Act and other resource-management initiatives throughout Central California including the Central Valley, the west slope of the Sierra Nevada and the Bay Area — one of the fastest growing and most ecologically diverse areas in the nation. Besides leading the effort to conserve and recover more than 140 threatened or endangered species, the Sacramento Office plays a pivotal role in California water issues, pollution prevention and cleanup, monitoring of environmental contaminants, and restoration and protection of wildlife habitat. Under his leadership, the Sacramento office pioneered efforts to develop new cooperative conservation strategies. Wayne’s accomplishments include helping craft the CalFed Bay-Delta agreement, developing economically viable conservation banks that allow the private sector to offset the adverse growth impacts on species, fostering Safe Harbor Agreements for private landowners, developing legal safeguards for ranchers who protect endangered species, and fostering local Habitat Conservation Plans to better protect species in rapidly growing areas.

Since retiring from the FWS Wayne has been active in the National Mitigation Banking Association (NMBA) working to influence regulatory agencies’ policy development and tracking regulation and policy implementation. He has been on the Board of Directors for 7 years and is currently the President of the NMBA.



Carl Frentress, Senior Wildlife Biologist/Ecologist at Advanced Ecology Ltd.
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Carl Frentress joined the Advanced Ecology Ltd. team in 2004, bringing to the company decades of professional expertise in waterfowl habitat management, bottomland hardwood conservation, coastal environments and ecology, and management of wetland systems. His recent work, in partnership with Mitigation Solutions USA, focuses on the ecological requirements of impacted candidate, threatened and endangered species that can be mitigated through private sector environmental offsets.

During his 33 year career with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Carl served in a variety of positions starting with an assignment to the coastal waterfowl project on the Texas Lower Coast; as one of the first agency nongame staff; district biologist; regional waterfowl biologist, and as the agency waterfowl representative on the Central Flyway Technical Committee. His waterfowl program activities included participating in scientifically sound development of recommendations for Texas regulations for lead poisoning abatement and use of nontoxic shot for hunting; coastal and inland programs for assistance to landowner habitat improvements; institution of a statewide nest box program for wood duck production and data potential for a population monitoring index, and improved waterfowl censuses using transect methods to provide statistically valid estimates of annual winter populations of ducks and geese by geographic region in Texas.

Congratulations to Dr. McFarlane for Winning the Leopold Conservation Award for Big Woods Mitigation Bank

Mitigation Solutions USA is proud to announce that Dr. Robert McFarlane, the landowner of Big Woods on the Trinity Mitigation Bank, located southeast of Dallas, was recently awarded the Leopold Conservation Award. This is the highest honor bestowed upon a landowner for their management and conservation efforts. Click here to read more…

Video: 2015 Lone Star Land Steward Leopold Award: The BigWoods on the Trinity