Innovators in Providing Coastal Offsets

Mitigation Solutions USA Solves Coastal Offset Challenges

We solve offset challenges along the Texas coast through a variety of products and services. Mitigation Solutions USA is a national leader in providing comprehensive environmental offsets through selling credits from existing mitigation banks and developing permittee-responsible mitigation sites to offset impacts to emergent wetlands, high-marsh, coastal prairie and species.

Coastal Mitigation Solutions Currently Available

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We can help you offset environmental impacts by providing a full-service, custom permittee-responsible mitigation (PRM) plan and site. Our PRMs are developed to be the ecological preference for federal regulators.

MSUSA has developed more than 35 PRM sites and provided mitigation in multiple U.S. Army Corps of Engineers districts. We bring decades of regulatory, environmental and market expertise to every project to solve permitting challenges quickly and competently. In some instances, our clients have received permit approval in as little as three months.

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