Our Team

Graduation 2007 DoerrTerry McKenzie
President and Founding Principal

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Terry McKenzie is the president and founding principal of Mitigation Solutions USA (MSUSA). Prior to MSUSA, he spent six years as the creator, owner, and operator of Martin Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank, a viable and profitable wetland mitigation bank located in the Sabine River watershed in Texas. Developing new markets for conservation banking species is McKenzie’s primary focus, and he has been instrumental in the success of Muddy Boggy Conservation Bank in Oklahoma. He has served as the primary contact for all Muddy Boggy American Burying Beetle (ABB) credit sales, 60-percent of which have come from pipeline or transportation projects. He also has extensive training in environmental issues, including wetland, stream, and endangered species mitigation.

Graduation 2007 DoerrTroy Madrigal
Vice President and Principal

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Troy J. Madrigal is vice president and principal of Mitigation Solutions USA (MSUSA). After spending eight years in the energy industry and prior to joining MSUSA, he worked in land acquisition, specializing in procuring suitable sites for PRM, mitigation banks, and conservation assets. Since Madrigal joined MSUSA in 2008, the company has experienced exponential growth in mitigation sales revenue. He has served as the primary liaison for government, oil and gas, pipeline, and transportation clients on numerous wetland and stream PRMs, engaging in every step from the initial proposal to final contract negotiation and regulatory evaluation. In addition, he has been closely involved in guiding clients through the transaction process of numerous multi-million-dollar mitigation projects throughout Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

140616_Clelsea_MSUSA 0007_ppChelsea Nikmard
Mitigation Sales Manager

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Chelsea Nikmard serves as the mitigation sales manager for Mitigation Solutions USA (MSUSA). Nikmard works directly with clients from various industries to facilitate mitigation bank credit sales and meet overall project deadlines. She also serves as a liaison between the client and the technical team on numerous Permittee Responsible Mitigation (PRM) projects. With 7+ years of industry experience in sales and marketing, Nikmard has developed a proven ability and strong aptitude for the transaction and contract side of Mitigation Credit Sales and PRMs.

Nicole RobertsonNicole Robertson
Marketing Manager

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Nicole Robertson serves as the marketing manager for Mitigation Solutions USA (MSUSA). Robertson provides the management and business development team with marketing and communication strategies to effectively represent the company’s products and services to its internal and external stakeholders. With 6+ years of industry experience in marketing and communications, she has developed a proven ability, initiative and assertiveness with a strong aptitude to plan and organize work in an efficient manner. Her background includes a solid understanding of strategic project management, innovative marketing programs, sales PPT and proposal design, brand awareness campaigns, trade-show/event planning, and specializes in Adobe, Microsoft and CRM platforms.

JoAnn Hill_August 2016JoAnn Hill
Salesforce Administrator & Coordinator

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JoAnn Hill is the salesforce administrative coordinator for Mitigation Solutions USA (MSUSA). She is responsible for coordinating and supporting management, operations, information management, as well as marketing and sales. She also provides effective, professional CRM and administrative coordination. Prior to her role at MSUSA, Hill spent nearly two decades in a variety of information/records management roles within the oil and gas industry.


Wayne White
Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant

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Wayne is the Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant for and coordinates with various regulatory agencies to develop policy for conservation and mitigation banks. He also speaks at a variety of engagements on environmental mitigation topics. Prior to his role at MSUSA, he spent thirty-one years with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as Chief of the Endangered Species Program and a Field Supervisor. He also implemented the Endangered Species Act and developed a number of policies focused on environmental mitigation and conservation. He is the president of the National Mitigation Banking Association and a current member of the board. White holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from California State University at Fullerton.

Carl Frentress
Senior Wildlife Biologist/Ecologist

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Carl Frentress brings over three decades of professional expertise in waterfowl habitat management, bottomland hardwood conservation, coastal environments and ecology, and management of wetland systems. His recent work, in partnership with Mitigation Solutions USA, focuses on the ecological requirements of impacted candidate, threatened and endangered species that can be mitigated through private sector environmental offsets. During his 33 year career with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Carl served in a variety of positions starting with an assignment to the coastal waterfowl project on the Texas Lower Coast; as one of the first agency nongame staff; district biologist; regional waterfowl biologist; and as the agency waterfowl representative on the Central Flyway Technical Committee. His waterfowl program activities included development of recommendations for Texas waterfowl hunting regulations; coastal and inland programs for landowner habitat improvements; instituting a statewide wood duck nest production and population monitoring program, and improvement of wintering waterfowl population censuses techniques.

EvansSheila Evans
Operations Manager

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Sheila is the Operations Manager for MSUSA and works primarily on proposal, contract, and invoice generation for all bank transactions. Sheila manages all bank credit ledgers, working closely with the USACE and USFWS districts to provide credit transfers to permittees and ensure all bank information, from internal ledgers to RIBITS, is current. She also focuses on mining new opportunities and researching new developments. Sheila is a key resource to our clients and ensures they have all proper documentation in an accurate and timely manner for the completion of credit purchases and credit transfers.